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Thursday, December 29, 2005

ATI: Playstation 3 Is Unrefined

ATI: Playstation 3 Is Unrefined

"In a recent interview in Edge magazine, Richard Huddy, European Developers Relations Manager for ATI, spoke a bit about the technical aspects of the Xbox360. He also mentioned the PS3 -- basically saying that the unit had serious power but the power is "brute force" power. The Xbox360 was much more "refined," he said. "A pretty powerful piece of hardware, but just not elegant." Click read more to read it for yourself.

How do you think your work on the 360 measures up to PS3?

I take a fairly robust view on this. The Xbox 360 GPU is designed to be a console GPU - that's what we set out to produce when we started the collaboration with Microsoft; let's build a really powerful, really flexible kind of general purpose GPU which doesn't have performance cliffs where if you do certain things suddenly the performance crashes down by a factor of two or something like that; let's have things pretty predictable and easy to work with, and let's generate about the best performance that we can- so we went for things like the unified shaders and so on. The PS3 has been designed in a quite different way because of the way the process worked. We sat down with Microsoft and said: 'This is what we think we can build', and they said: 'Yes, but what about...?' And they started picking holes in our design, so we came up with a collaborative design. They didn't put a spec in front of us and say: 'How much for this?' That definitely wasn't the dialogue - in fact that would make it more of a monologue; it would be kind of bidding on prices and so on. Instead what we have is a very collaborative design." [more]

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