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Monday, December 05, 2005

Best Buy Threatens Kotaku With Legal Action

Best Buy Threatens Kotaku With Legal Action

"You’d think a multi-million dollar retail chain would have the scratch to hire first class lawyers instead of the stooges they sicced on us earlier this week.

Apparently, Best Buy wasn’t that delighted with the 26-page document leaked to us and the stories we wrote off it and they slapped us with what amounted to a cease-and-desist order claiming we were posting a copyrighted document.

Besides misspelling our name once and calling the stories, comments, the suit was filled with the sort of idiotic mumbo-jumbo you would expect from the law firm of Dewy, Suem, and Howe.

My favorite bit was when they said we received the document from a “Best Buy Mole” and then went on to use Webster’s to define what a mole was. I assume this was to block any attempts by us to use the old “A Rodent Gave it To Us” defense." [more]

Pretty much all BestBuy related Xbox 360 launch details have been removed from the site.

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