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Monday, December 19, 2005

Microsoft Boss Attacks Sony PS3

Microsoft Boss Attacks Sony PS3

"A Microsoft boss insists that the forthcoming Sony PlayStation 3 will not be able to compete with the Xbox 360.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usMicrosoft's Peter Moore, who oversees marketing and first-party game development for the Xbox 360 said that the Sony PlayStation 3 will be inferior to the Xbox 360.

You tell that to all the people that thought Xbox 360 was going to have super-duper DVD technology, and all the people that are already disappointed in the lack of Xbox 360 units available, while some consumers call the Xbox 360 launch the most horrible and mismanaged launch for a video game console.

Speaking about Sony PlayStation 3, let's not forget what the die-hard fans of Sony PS3 thought in Japan. You know, Sony-land. Japan consumers made it clear that the Microsoft Xbox 360 isn't the same type of next-gen console they wanted. Afterall, Sony is promising all the DVD and HD goodies for the PlayStation 3.

I am sure that most of the gamers in Japan just laughed at what they saw, after learning a bit on what the Sony has planned for the PS3.

Microsoft is left with complete embarassment after the Japan launch. Xbox 360 retailers in Japan still have plenty of stock on shelves. Shoppers are just walking by.

Meanwhile, there is a shortage in North America and Europe, causing Xbox 360 pre-order consumers to become angry, and perhaps, regretful that they even placed any money for this console. Still waiting, since mid-November, still no Xbox 360.

Amazon really messed up this launch even further by taking November pre-orders, then launching some 'early-bird' special to allow new consumers to buy the Xbox 360 right away. Again, putting the Xbox 360 pre-order consumers back on the bottom of the stack." [more]

Will not be able to compete where? The Microsoft employee parking lot? So far the PS3 isn't out and Xbox 360 is having trouble competing with a system that is months away!

Anonymous Anonymous
Hit the nail on the head!!!
Theres gonna be a PS3 and nintendo revoloution in my house!  

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