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Thursday, December 29, 2005

PS3 fans trust Sony PlayStation 3 for next-gen

PS3 fans trust Sony PlayStation 3 for next-gen

"PS3 fans are holding on to their belief that Sony PlayStation 3 will be the real deal.

Many video gamers have shown a high respect for the Sony PlayStation 3, as they prefer to hold out on buying a next-generation console until PS3. In a GameSHOUT survey that was compiled in early December, GameSHOUT community members choose PlayStation 3 over the Microsoft Xbox 360.

Then we saw what happened in Japan, when Microsoft barely sold 44,000 Xbox 360 units. It is certainly true that Sony PlayStation 3 has won the battle of trust with video gamers in this first round of next-generation launches.
Sony is expected to release the PlayStation 3 in Spring, which is not that far away. However, the company has not specified whether it'll be a worldwide simultaneous launch, like the Xbox 360, or a staggered launch in multiple territories over the course of several months. This would follow the trend of the PS2, the PSOne, the PSP, and just about every other major console release in history.

The 360 launch demonstrated that if you get the marketing right, people will pay considerably over sticker price to secure an in-demand product, so it's unlikely Sony will lose too much sleep at launching over $300." [more]

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