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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Revolution Speculation Boils Over

Revolution Speculation Boils Over

"Developers have been talking about Nintendo Revolution's innards, and the company's likely hardware price point for next year's launch.

Image Consumer site IGN says it has spoken to a number of developers, all under condition of anonymity, who admitted that they were all working with incomplete kits, and had not been supplied with final specs.
As widely expected, and trailed by Nintendo at E3 last year, graphical horsepower is not Revolution's strongpoint. One developer said the machine is "not much more powerful than an Xbox".
A third party source is quoted as saying, "We are looking at it quite differently. It's like another current generation platform for us. But it's such a nice controller that it opens up a lot of possibilities. It's very different and it's very precise."

The website speculates, almost certainly correctly, that Nintendo's strategy will be to offer the machine at a vastly lower price than Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, with $149 a favored option.
IGN says the machine will have no HD capacity and will "top out with 128MB of RAM, and possibly even less". Xbox 360 offers 512MB of RAM." [more]

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