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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Xbox 360 sparked terror alert at MacArthur Airport

Xbox 360 sparked terror alert at MacArthur Airport

Free Image Hosting at"A passenger with an Xbox 360 in a carry-on case sparked a terror alert at MacArthur Airport on Long Island December 27th, forcing a terminal to be evacuated.

Officials say the Chicago-bound flier, worried that his game console might be swiped if he checked it, instead put it in a metal case that he carried through security checkpoints.

When thethe container carrying the Xbox 360 passed through an X-ray machine, and screeners thought it might have held a bomb.

"The package looked to be suspicious with wires running through it," said airport spokeswoman Michele Remsen.
Officials evacuated the west wing and called in the bomb squad.

Officers examined the case and deemed it harmless." [link]

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