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Friday, December 30, 2005

More Developers Interested in Nintendo Revolution

More Developers Interested in Nintendo Revolution

"According to a recent article on IGN, Japanese publication Dorimaga spoke with several influential developers regarding the gaming industry in 2005, as well as what the industry has in store for the next few years. Along with these comments came more praise for Nintendo’s unique vision of next-generation gaming.

Toshiki Sugiyama, known for his work as producer on the Dynasty Warriors series, stated that Koei will be supporting all next-generation consoles, but added that he hopes to make games for Revolution. Sugiyama said that Nintendo DS titles Nintendogs and Train Your Brain have left the greatest impression on him in 2005.

Hideo Kojima has repeatedly expressed his feelings of the next-generation Nintendo console, code-named Revolution. Kojima claimed that it would be “foolish” for him to not develop for Revolution. Kojima said he wants to create games for Revolution that shine in areas other than graphics and sound, two areas that his games continually excel in.
Rounding out the Revolution acclaim is Hiroi Ouji, creator of Sakura Wars and president of Red Company. Ouji repeatedly stated how interested he is in the hardware and controller of the Revolution when he was asked about the upcoming generation of consoles.

As always, stay tuned to Revolution Report for more developer comments and official game announcements." [link]

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