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Monday, December 05, 2005

Xbox 360 wireless controllers aren’t (Xbox 360 annoyance #002)

Xbox 360 wireless controllers aren’t (Xbox 360 annoyance #002)

Free Image Hosting at"Before we get all nitpicky it should be noted out of fairness that the Xbox 360’s designers had no easy task. They wanted to give gamers the beauty and convenience of a wireless controller, but they also needed to make sure that help is near when batteries run low in the middle of a critical Xbox Live competitive experience. Hot-swapping of batteries isn’t an option in high-stakes scenarios (those of you who are in league 1 of Project Gotham Racing 3 know what we mean).

The only solution to these conflicting concerns is to create a controller that accepts a power cord for charging at any time.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s designers underestimated gamer laziness. Rather than use the play-and-charge kit only when the controllers need to be charged, we find ourselves just leaving them plugged in all the time because it’s too much trouble to neatly wrap up then put away the play-and-charge kit. Once we started leaving it in the system, we were able to recharge the controllers more conveniently, but now our living room looks messy! The core wireless design aesthetic has been ruined." [more]

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