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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Zelda: Twilight Princess to Have Revolution Functionality

Zelda: Twilight Princess to Have Revolution Functionality

Free Image Hosting at"In the latest issue of the United Kingdom-based NGC magazine, information concerning the connection between Nintendo GameCube title The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and the Nintendo Revolution was revealed.

According to the magazine, 'Twilight Princess will be playable on the forthcoming Revolution using the upcoming console’s unique controller. Zelda will actually 'bring in' the Revolution by launching fairly close to the new system, which is set to be released around November of next year, according to [NGC's] sources.'

Continuing, NGC stated, 'Twilight Princess will still be released on GameCube - there's no denying that fact. However, when you insert the disc into your Revolution, you'll be given the option to use the Revolution's controller, with all of the advantages that this will bring.'

In regards to the cited release dates, NGC mentioned that while it doesn't 'know the exact day, it seems that [Revolution] will likely arrive in the UK in November, just in time for Christmas,' with Twilight Princess arriving some time prior." [more]

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