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Monday, January 09, 2006

Donkey Konga For The Nintendo Revolution

Donkey Konga For The Nintendo Revolution

"Donkey Kong will return on the Nintendo Revoluton in a game titles

National Geographic Kids Magazine was invited by Nintendo to test out the Nintendo Revolution and new controller. As we pointed out in our previous article, the magazine was able to snag some great info from Nintendo, who have been less than forthcoming with new information.

With in the article was a reference to a new game called Donkey Konga

From the article
“Use two controllers like drum-sticks. Whenever you bring them down, you hear a drum beat or cymbal crash. Other players could get into the groove by shaking controllers like maracas or tambourine.”

It is unclear if the magazine actually tested the games, or if they were just told about them. But it would be great to know that there are games for the Nintendo Revolution developed enough to play.

Hopefully within the next few months Nintendo will begin to make more official announcements and finally put some of these rumours to rest." [link]

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