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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sony PS3 Spring Launch for Japan?

Sony PS3 Spring Launch for Japan?

"Gamers from around the world are trying to figure out the exact Sony PlayStation 3 launch, while Sony remains still and quiet.

Could the Sony PS3 launch be slated for Spring in Japan? A few days ago, we at GameSHOUT spoke with Sony and they stand firm on Spring 2006 for the Sony PlayStation 3. Now, there are some conflicts if this is true.

While Sony says Spring 2006, Sony also mentions that the Sony PS3 will be unveiled at the annual video game conference E3 in Los Angeles. Well, E3 doesn't happen until later Spring, in the month of May.

Just yesterday at CES, Sony said that they will have a Blu-ray disc player in 'Summer 2006'. But, if the Sony PlayStation 3 already has Blu-ray, we can only guess that the new one will have nothing to do with the PS3.

We also learned that Sony just released the PlayStation 3 development kits. If this is true, meaning, that no game company had the PS3 development kits until now, can game companies port their games
within 4 1/2 months?

The launch itself is a mystery. We've heard everything from "Japan and North America will share the same launch" to, "Japan launches first, then North America, then Europe." Now we hear nothing. Sony will nolonger confirm what regions will receive the PlayStation 3, or if any regions will share." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
Companies got their first dev kits in late august. I read about that a while back....  

Anonymous Anonymous
You're wrong...these were final versions of PS3 devkits , while the beta-versions were delivered much earlier  

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