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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sony PS3 and Nintendo Revolution to Ship in 2007?

Sony PS3 and Nintendo Revolution to Ship in 2007?

"Stop the presses, folks, because Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Revolution consoles might not appear until 2007. At least, that's the inference from a third-party press release from the Consumer Electronics Show.

Buried in an announcement from SanDisk, which was eager to talk about the functionality of its new Cruzer Crossfire Flash memory cards, the company said consumers will find the devices oh-so-useful for viewing images and listening to music on the next-generation consoles, including "Microsoft’s recently released Xbox 360."

What the announcement says after that, though, is far more intriguing than the fact that SanDisk's drives come in four colors and range in size from 512MB to 4GB.

"And early announcements from both Sony and Nintendo have indicated that their next-generation game consoles – PlayStation3 for Sony and Revolution for Nintendo – will also support USB connections when the consoles go on sale next year."

"Next year." The press release is dated January 5, 2006. It was released during CES, which takes place in 2006. "Next year" means 2007, folks.

For months we at DailyGame have wondered whether Sony's "spring 2006" release estimate for the PS3 was a farse, and considering the company hasn't discussed anything about its next-generation console, it's safe to say "spring 2006" is total garbage, especially in the North American market. So is a 2007 PS3 release, at least in North America, that far off? Perhaps not, according to this SanDisk news." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
Right, so SanDisk are in some way privy to highly confidential information about Sony and Nintendo's release? Come on....this is just a mistake that someone has made when preparing the press release (it was obviously written before 2006)....  

Anonymous Anonymous
Hmmmm, I wonder. The spring console launch never did make much sense. I remember reading an interview way back in the 16 bit days on why consoles don't like to launch before the fourth quarter (or late September). The thought was that you needed a strong fourth quarte for your console and you need a strong launch. If you come out in the fourth quarter, you don't have an issue. If you come out in the 2nd, then you need two sets of quality games in the same year.

Obviously, Q4 isn't quite as important in gaming anymore (before, everything worth playing was Q4, and the rest of the year was garbage. Now, you have quality games being released monthly, but Q4 is still the largest). But, I see PS3 delaying it's launch.

It also wouldn't shock me if Sandisk does know. If they are making products for the PS3 and Revolution, they probably have an idea of the launch timeframes (since it effects their shareholders as well. They may not have anything confirmed, but they probably have an idea).  

Blogger jay
I agree with commenter #1. This is not news; in fact, this is exactly how (bogus) rumors begin.  

Blogger D.Vader
This could be a mixup, but I wouldn't discount the Revo and PS3 not showing up until 2007. PS3 has some way to go.  

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