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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Exclusive: Update Regarding NIBRIS and Nintendo Revolution

Exclusive: Update Regarding NIBRIS and Nintendo Revolution

"Revolution Report has been the exclusive outlet for all news concerning Polish developer NIBRIS and its first title, Raid over the River, planned for both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Revolution. Earlier today, the studio's Project Manager Piotr Orlowski provided a brief update on the status of NIBRIS' titles.

According to Orlowski, NIBRIS is wrapping up work on the first level of the Raid over the River DS Version. As is stated on the team's new Web site, a 'playable demo of the first game that is heading to the Nintendo DS should be available for interested parties before February 2006.'

In regards to the Revolution version, he was only able to say at this time that the game's working title is Raid over the River Revolution and that 'this game will be the second part of the Raid over the River story,' the first obviously for the Nintendo DS.

Concluding, Orlwoski affirmed that NIBRIS 'has a strong business partner' and said he hopes that both versions of Raid over the River give Nintendo fans a lot of fun in a fresh way.

Stay with Revolution Report for more information concerning NIBRIS and the studio's titles." [link]

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