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Sunday, January 08, 2006

CoolIt Xbox 360 liquid cooler

CoolIt Xbox 360 liquid cooler

Free Image Hosting at "Last week we generated a HUGE amount of interest with shots of the add-on Xbox 360 liquid cooler from CoolIt… well now we’re at CES 2006 we’ve had a chance to actually get our hands on the real thing, so we can bring you far more detail than just a couple of promo shots. Thanks to Geoff Lyon from CoolIt, we’ve been mucking around with the Xbox 360 cooler to bring you shots from every angle…

The first thing to be aware of is that this isn’t just a bolt-on-the-side extra for you Xbox 360, this is a serious case mod as all the Xbox 360 casing under that shiny blue CoolIt casing isn’t there anymore… that’s right kids, this thing is set into the Xbox 360 meaning that pretty much half the side case is now gone… a fair chunk from the underside is missing too to allow for the pipework." [more]

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