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Monday, January 02, 2006

New 'Quake' shakes up Xbox 360

New 'Quake' shakes up Xbox 360

Free Image Hosting at"There will always be a place for ultra-violent, moody, dark, shoot-em-up games for every video game generation, this much I know.

And the first to appear in the next generation of consoles is Quake 4 for the Xbox 360, which is a direct port of the already-released PC version of the same name.

Surprisingly, this is one of the more fun games on the 360. Even more surprising is that its single player mode trumps the online portion, despite the Quake franchise’s popular arena-type multiplayer games on the PC.

In Quake 4, developed together by id Software and Raven Software and published by Activision, you play the role of Marine Matthew Kane (as always, he seems to be an excellent soldier but completely mute). An alien race known as the Strogg is attempting to gather humans to be made into more Strogg and it’s up to you and your fellow soldiers to launch an assault on the evil alien race and stop them for good.

Though this latest Quake is made by id, the same company that developed the Doom titles, it sets itself apart from Doom by making it more action-oriented. Yes, the two series share several similarities. Quake 4 uses Doom 3 technology (the two games look very similar though the Quake version is more polished, thanks in no small part to it having more power to run on with the Xbox 360, as opposed to Doom 3 on the original Xbox). In addition, both games utilize ultra-powerful weapons, both love to go for the big scares and both love to revel in a whole lot of gore.

But Quake 4 trumps Doom 3 in every way. The weapons in Quake are so much better - I”ll pick the Dark Matter Gun over Doom 3’s BFG any day of the week, and though Doom 3 has a few scares, the ‘walk-into-a-dark-room-and-a-monster-jumps-out-from-a-dark-corner’ thing is done to death in it. In Quake 4, some of the scenarios are truly chilling. For instance, at one point in the game you’re caught by the Strogg and are being harvested into one of them (that isn’t a spoiler folks – they tell you that in the instruction manual!). You see yourself in first-person mode, tied down and going down a conveyer belt. Disturbingly, you know exactly what’s about to happen to you because you see a human in front of you having everything done to him that’s about to be done to you in graphic detail – legs sawed off, chest cut open, your brain being fried by a needle – all while you’re still awake." [more]

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