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Monday, January 02, 2006

Nintendo Revolution: Rumor Mill Recap 4

Nintendo Revolution: Rumor Mill Recap 4

"A review of the Nintendo Revolution rumors from the past few weeks

This past few weeks have proved to be filled with many rumors regarding the Nintendo Revolution. With the console set to launch sometime this year, almost every piece of information is conjecture at this point, and we at treat each piece of news with a certain level of skepticism.
If you haven’t been able to keep up-to-date, here is a bit of a recap from this past week.

• The Revolution will cost less than the Xbox 360. That's Satoru Iwata's latest droplet of Revolution-based information, and it'll no doubt help fuel rumours of low-priced launches, although some launch speculation can now be safely laid to rest.

• While the Nintendo Revolution is definitely big news right now, PC Magazine is predicting that it will only celebrate limited success. While the magazine is seeing a limited future for big Revolution sales, the article does recognize that the delayed Zelda title will be the “must have and play” game of the spring, but quickly after that the Nintendo Revolution console will take a back seat to the other consoles.

• According to Game Daily, the upcoming Legend of Zelda game, Twilight Princess, will be playable with the Nintendo Revolution controller. This news has not been confirmed by Nintendo, and Twilight Princess will still be officially released for the Gamecube. It is rumored that Twilight Princess will support a radical new control style if played on the Nintendo Revolution console with its unique controller.

• From Infendo "Today, though, I came upon some exciting information. My mom runs the Customer Service department at the local Target. She know the local Nintendo representative (brings in new demos, sets up Nintendo actual NOA employee) pretty well. Today, the rep came into the store, doing some last minute Christmas shopping. According to the rep, the Revolution will be released in May next year. She was described as saying this in a "real quiet" voice.

• "According to, who is citing Inside Gamer, it seems that Nintendo Revolution’s configuration is complete and the device is ready for mass production... Since the release date for the Revolution is in May, that gives the Japanese manufacturers 5 months in order to manufacture enough consoles."

• What can be expect with the Nintendo Revolution launch in terms of titles. Wikipedia suggests that we may see as many 50 titles on launch day. It has also been suggested that A third Super Smash Bros. game with online play is said to be bundled in with the Revolution. Having a Mario bundled with the console should go without saying though." [more]

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