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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sony Pushes PS3 Cell

Sony Pushes PS3 Cell

"Sony PlayStation 3 expected to bring next-generation cell processor to industry standard for all kinds of multimedia consumer electronics.

Sony's semiconductor chief, Kenshi Manabe has stated that the next-generation cell processor used for the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 will soon become the industry standard for all kinds of multimedia consumer electronics. He went to say that the cell chip is as good as the Pentium, if not better.

Nearly anyone who owns a PC is familiar with the "Intel Inside" sticker. The blue-and-white logo has been a potent symbol of Intel's virtual lock on the market in PC processors over the past decade. Despite their best efforts, Advanced Micro Devices, Samsung, Texas Instruments, and other chipmakers have failed to knock Intel from the number 1 spot.

However, Sony believes the new cell chip is enough competition for Intel to worry about. The cell chip will be used in the upcoming Sony PS3 video game console, and Sony is winding up for a swing at the champ.
While Sony is slated to launch its PlayStation3 this spring, analysts believe in the Cell's potential as a multimedia processor that none of the three companies that shared the chip's $400 million development costs.
Sony, IBM, and Toshiba -- have specified what will come after the Sony PS3 game machine. It's clear that Sony is interested in using the Cell chip in applications other than the Sony PlayStation 3. The chip's success could signal to the industry that Sony is back after a series of missteps left it with an outdated product lineup and mounting losses. For the year ending in March, the Tokyo-based company forecasts an $86 million net loss, compared with last year's $1.4 billion profit." [more]

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