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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Rumor: PS3 Riddled With Issues, Delay Likely?

Rumor: PS3 Riddled With Issues, Delay Likely?

Free Image Hosting at"An industry insider who goes by the name Fishie (how very appropriate) says that he got some hands-on time with Playstation 3 games in Japan and wasn’t too happy with what he saw.

From his comments:

PS3 Info Before I Head Out Of Japan Friday Towards Noon, Thats Tokyo time. Have fun waiting a while longer boys. No way that thing is coming out in March. The games just arent there and lots of other isseus I cant delve into right now.
Before you start thinking that Fishie’s post is, um, fishy, he has earned himself a tad more credibility than the typical poster by reporting dead-on facts about the 360 a few weeks before E3. Back then he called the 360 titles underwhelming and said that while there may be some kickass stuff, most people won’t be floored.

So, what does this mean for the PS3? Will it be a rocky starty or a delayed launch, or is Fishie just full of crap?" [link]

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