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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

PlayStation 3 Bug and Delay Claims Flare. From Nowhere at All...

PlayStation 3 Bug and Delay Claims Flare. From Nowhere at All...

"Reports hitting the Internet over the weekend claim that Sony Computer Entertainment is in dire straits, unable to cope with the PlayStation 3, asserting that the console will be both late and plagued with bugs.

Much of the uproar stems from amateur games site Kotaku, and upon closer inspection, fails to hold any significant weight. In fact, we'll be impressed if the site doesn't come under pressure from Sony, given that its claims - eagerly picked up on by a press sector with little to cover for a few weeks - stem from between nothing and very little.

The uproar stems from a person who (and where have we heard this before) is an insider who gets real, actual, hands-on time with the PlayStation 3. His message as reported on Kotaku reads:

“PS3 Info Before I Head Out Of Japan Friday Towards Noon, Thats Tokyo time. Have fun waiting a while longer boys. No way that thing is coming out in March. The games just arent there and lots of other isseus I cant delve into right now.”

It seems that Kokat... Tokaku... whatever, has been emailed by one of the trillion 'insiders' who unfailingly have in-depth, hands-on knowledge of an unreleased console and decide that emailing websites to tell them all about it is the best way to spend his time." [more]

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