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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nintendo of Europe Hints at Secret to Nintendo Revolution

Nintendo of Europe Hints at Secret to Nintendo Revolution

Free Image Hosting at"Nintendo of Europe recently updated its Web site with a few tidbits concerning the company's next-generation console, code-named the Nintendo Revolution.

From the site: 'On an as-yet-unannounced date in 2006 Nintendo will launch its next home console, code-named 'Revolution' - which will truly spark a revolution in gaming. We've already been given a sneak peek at its potential with the revelation of the groundbreaking one-handed controller with motion-sensitive technology. We already know that Revolution will let you play all your Nintendo GameCube titles and also a back catalogue of downloadable Nintendo classics. But if you think that's all there is to know about Revolution, think again... 2006 is going to be very interesting indeed.'

Nintendo Game Designer Shigeru Miyamoto hinted back in December that there was another undisclosed secret regarding the Revolution. The company is expected to perform a full unvieling of its next console at its pre-E3 2006 conference, held on May 9th in Los Angeles, California.

Revolution Report will have more as E3 2006 approaches." [link]

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