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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nintendo Futurna. Not VR but cool.

Nintendo Futurna. Not VR but cool.

"Disclaimer: does not just post random rumors. If it *might* be real then we want to post it just in case it ends up being the big news and we had it first.

I got this in the inbox:

i figured since there is only about a month left until the full unveiling i would go ahead and send this out. i havent sent it to anyone else. i think youll like it”

Here’s the fullsize image that was sent to me: Fullsize

I’m not sure if this is actually what the Nintendo Revolution is or not but I will tell you right now, I wouldn’t be dissapointed. If it’s photoshopped it’s very good, if it’s not then heck yeah - but I have a feeling it probably is just because I doubt the Revolution will shoot crazy little lightning beams out of it. : P

I’m guessing the person plans on sending it to all sorts of places actually. Probably trying to make me feel special so I’ll post his crap or something. Either way, it’s cool looking. I dig.

Nintendo Futurna UPDATE: The system name is Futurna. Well, according to these pictures which may or may not be real. I was calling them fake at first but now I’m not so sure. It just seems like a plausible realistic thing Nintendo would do. I think the light beams just represent the projection and the pictures aren’t literal. Either way it still could be fake, I’m not going to have an up front opinion on this one, it’s teetering on the verge of real and fake."?" [more]

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