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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Major Nelson 360 Q&A

Major Nelson 360 Q&A

"Just to keep Major Nelson on his toes during my interview with him last week, and prove that I really am ADD, I broke up our conversation and his stream of thought with a handful of questions emailed to me from Kotaku readers. Here’s the excerpted Q&A:

I have a Live membership that expires next year, but I don’t use anymore will it transfer automatically to 360 Live or do I have to do something?

MN: Live memberships will transfer over from Xbox Live to Xbox Live 360 seamlessly. If you have an active Live membership now don’t worry about it.

Microsoft said they would post a list of backwards compatible Xbox games on the Xbox website last month, where is it?

MN: Peter Moore and Robbie Bach have said that we’re going to make the top Xbox game backwards compatible. We are still working on the list of backwards compatible titles and we hope to post it in the near future on the Xbox site.

How important is Xbox Live to the Xbox 360?

MN: The next time around Xbox Live is critical." [more]

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