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Monday, November 07, 2005

No centralized online service for Playstation 3

No centralized online service for Playstation 3

"Sony has recently revealed that the online service for its new Playstation 3 console will use the same non-unified architecture as the Playstation 2’s online service.

In the latest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine, Sony scotched rumors that it would be implementing a centralized online service similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Instead, the extent of online services for PS3 games will be left up to individual games publishers.

While this will give games publishers greater freedom in terms of what they are able to offer online, it may make it more difficult for Sony to control the quality of the online experience.

The lack of a centralized online service means that gamers will be required to maintain separate accounts on different servers for different games in order to access online games via the PS3.

This stands in stark contrast to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, where gamers can sign into a centralized server using a single sign-on, and game online using this service.

Indeed, even Nintendo has begun aggressively marketing the online capabilities of both its DS and Revolution consoles, with the Revolution’s online service sporting a matchmaking feature similar to that of Xbox Live, and allowing Revolution owners to download retro games titles.

Sony’s seemingly laid-back approach to the PS3’s online services may indicate that the company does not consider online gaming to be a key drawcard in the race for next-generation supremacy.

Source: Official Playstation Magazine" [link]

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