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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Virgin on X360 bundle rumours

Virgin on X360 bundle rumours

"A spokesperson for Virgin Megastores has slammed rumours that the retailer will force consumers who have pre-ordered an Xbox 360 to purchase a load of games before they can take their console home.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the spokesperson dismissed the rumours as "simply not true," telling us: "Virgin Megastores customers are not obliged to purchase games bundles."

The rumours stemmed from a report on which claimed that pre-ordering customers had been told: "If you still wish to collect your console on launch, you will have to purchase three games with the console bundle." Gamestyle has since updated the story with Virgin Megastores' response.

According to reports from the likes of Oregon's Channel 6 News, US retailer Best Buy pulled a similar trick over in the States - and as a result, shop staff were forced to turn little kiddies away because they hadn't saved up enough cash to buy the bundle. Best Buy has since said that anyone who felt forced into buying extra products can return them." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous if the system isn't expensive enough.
The system is $499 and you still need to buy games and possibly another controller. Xbox live is needed to play most old Xbox games, so you'll likely need either a router or $95 wireless adapter for that, too.
It's a hell of a nice system, but requiring people to pay even more for a bundle is a little wrong.

Of note, anyone that orders via Wal-Mart can use a sneaky method to beat the bundle requirement. Get the premium system but choose bundled games with no firm release date like Gears of War, Dead or Alive, and Full Auto. Once your system ships - cancel the rest of the order. They only charge you for what shipped.  

Blogger D.Vader
You sneaky bastard! ;)  

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