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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Moore admits Europe could face Xbox 360 shortages

Moore admits Europe could face Xbox 360 shortages

"Gamers may be disappointed this Christmas despite Microsoft's best efforts

Microsoft's Peter Moore has admitted that many European consumers hoping to take an Xbox 360 home in time for Christmas could be disappointed as demand for the new console outstrips supply.

In an interview with the Official UK Xbox Magazine, Moore said: 'The good news is that Xbox 360 is a very desirable product, the bad news is that it’s not like baking bread. It has 1700 parts, we have to make them, pack them, and ship them. We’re trying to get everyone satisfied as quickly as we can but demand is huge.”

'I’m not sure I can guarantee that everyone will get an Xbox 360 by Christmas,” Moore continued.

'My hope, certainly, is that everyone who wants one will get one by Holiday time, but the demand is overwhelming.”" [more]

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