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Monday, August 08, 2005

Breaking: Nintendo Revolution Controller Shown in Japan

Breaking: Nintendo Revolution Controller Shown in Japan

"Japanese conference reveals the news we've all been waiting for...

We can confirm this is 100% authentic. Below is a photograph of an image of the Revolution controller that was circulated to members of the press at the conference. The actual controller was only held up at the front, with nobody allowed to touch it. But we can now exclusively reveal that at present the Revolution controller will look like the one below:

Okay, we're just having a laugh. Just one browse of Google News is enough to see a whole plethora of totally ridiculous Nintendo Revolution controllers. In celebration of this annoying trend of madness, some clever little person has made a website where you can design your very own uber-cool Revolution controller, just like every other Photoshoper in the world!

Click here to have a go. Whilst you do this, we're going to laugh at how many hits this article gets. Enjoy!"

A little humor from Cubed3.

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