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Sunday, August 07, 2005

PlayStation 3 to run OS X? Oh, please!

PlayStation 3 to run OS X? Oh, please!

"I’m really disappointed with some of the stuff I’ve been reading on Mac sites about Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, and I’d like to clear the air.

Sony Magazine, an official Sony public relations outlet in the U.K., has posted details about the PlayStation 3, Sony’s next generation video game console that the company is expected to debut some time in 2006. None of what’s in there is particularly noteworthy, at least if you’ve been following the coverage here in Macworld’s Game Room and elsewhere. but several Mac news and rumor sites have grabbed hold of one tantalizing tidbit at the end of the article and let their imaginations run amuck." [more]

Well here you have the other opinion. The fact is we don't know if PS3 will run OS X. These details will emerge closer to launch. With the install base of the PS2, Apple would be idiotic not to want to port OS X to PS3. If the PS3 does become the hub of the living room, it would provide a great platform for Apple Itunes.

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