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Friday, August 05, 2005

Xbox 360 Launch: 15 Titles, 1.6M Units, $299 & $399 Price Tag

Xbox 360 Launch: 15 Titles, 1.6M Units, $299 & $399 Price Tag

By: Richard Allen

Today Piper Jaffray research firm released some information on Microsoft’s next generation console Xbox 360. According to their research, the Xbox 360 will come in two flavors. One will be a value version that will be priced at $299. The other version will be priced at $399 and will include "additional hardware components (e.g., hard-drive option, extra controller, memory option) that core users will likely buy anyway." The research also confirms 15 titles available by launch with up to 40 titles by years end. At the moment there are over 160 Xbox 360 titles in development around the globe.

Piper Jaffray is expecting that 1 million units will ship in the U.S., 400,000 in Europe, and 200,000 units in Japan by the end of 2005. Microsoft would not provide any firm details about how many Xbox 360s will be available at launch. Everything at this point is on track for a successful launch.

Anonymous Daniel Lawson
wtf is this guy smoking? How many times does MS have to say the HDD is standard? A 399 price tag if it came with an extra controler and mem card and all that crap is the same stuff I'm getting at Sam Goody's with their "bundle pack" pre-order.  

Blogger Blunt
Nice story Bunk!!!  

Anonymous Anonymous
He means that you get a hard drive with a bigger capacity.  

this is the dumbist shit ever. ms keeps saying one price point with hd and shit.  

Anonymous Anonymous
MS gave a price point? Wow... I must have missed that press release. So far it seems it's always been some analyst speculating. I'd love to see the link...

Oh that's right. There is no link. Because MS hasn't given a price... AT ALL.  

Anonymous meh
you're all nerds  

Anonymous Anonymous
meh, you're a faggot.  

Anonymous DUMB SHITZ
The HArd Drive is STANDARD he might be talking about bigger hardrive but i dont think so .  

Blogger JLC
I dont know why everybody is acting like a lil b*tch seriously its a goo price for all that your getting, look at sony with the ps3 your not getting half of what microsoft is giving and the ps3 is gonna be 450 or higher sony is full of shit,dont get me wrong i love my ps2 but microsoft has been the better co this time around.  

Blogger D.Vader
Dirk, everything that is known the PS3 should be $399. Xbox doesn't have nearly as many games.  

Anonymous Peg_Leg
i have an xbox....actually HAD, i figured after getting a 360 i wont need my xbox. and what you said about the ps3 having more games? if you were talking about backwards compatiblity, sure they have more games, but how many people are going to be playing spyro the dragon when they got some next-gen title to play like killzone, or some other one. (killzone was pre-rendered...cough cough).

so i really think it is more important that they have alot of next gen titles and not dwell on the past. i think it is pointless.

xbox 360 owns. and this is a xbox 360 article, so you ps3 fan boys can go piss in a lake for all i care. lol. i am joking, i honestly think that the ps3 will be an exceptional system, not for the games, i dont really like playstation games, but just for the fact that the ps3 IS a super computer and can and will run linux and mac os x. grab a keyboard, a mouse, and the ps3 is now the most top of the line computer out there.

anyways, i am going to see if i could save up for the bundle if it even exist. and i with the other guys. they said the Hard drive IS standard. so if it is a bigger hard drvie, i would probably get it, but it would need to come with mroe than a bigger hard drvie and an extra controller. it would need to come with a heck of a lot bigger HDD for me to buy it...maybe like a 60GB would be mroe like it.

Phil B.  

Anonymous Anonymous
lol ur all suck  

Blogger JLC
sorry no hardrive for the ps3 and well also no mac os tiger maybe linux most likely there own operating system. sadly your gonna have to buy your own hardrive. and for darth vader xbox has the same support sony does now with all the publishers out there sony can lick my **** and go roll on some mud for all i care they have done everything in there power to alienate gamers. who wants another computer at home???  

Blogger D.Vader
You are wrong, there will be a hard drive option, also it will run OSX Tiger. Check your facts.

Xbox (current gen), still doesn't have all the support sony does software wise. PS2 still remains the console with the most TRULY exlusive titles.

It's numbers man, if you going to release software on 1 platform it's PS2 because it has the highest install base.  

Blogger D.Vader
"dirk diggler said...
sony can lick my **** and go roll on some mud"

I see you have a very objective and well thought out opinion on these matters.

Do some reading here too...


Blogger JLC
I did say they were gonna have a hdd what was meant by was that it would be sold seperatly.  

Blogger D.Vader
Which is a good thing. That way I can buy one from the internet and not have to pay Sony's premium. On the otherhand Xbox 360 will have a 20GB to start with, which will fill up quickly with Hi-Def content. I guess the 20Gigger is a nice compliment to the inadequate Dual Layer DVD drive!  

Blogger JLC
Thats the technology thats out rite now and since i dont feel that the price should be passed on to the consume. 60 dollars games please you should really stop muching sony. dual layer will satisfy the need and not everyone outhere has a HD tv. and HD doesnt make the gameplay better.hint hint...... Sony might have these huge storage capabilities but at a expense and you should pray vader that you dont get a 1x drive with that bluray.....  

Blogger D.Vader
Xbox 360 and Revolution games are expected to be $60 as well. That will be industry standard.

If MS and Sony put a drive in standard, you pay for it, or they eat it, which you ultimately pay for. A company's life blood is profit and if they lose it some where they will make it up elsewhere, hence $60 games. I bet liscensing fees are going up for the developers too, but this is my own speculation.

Pray I don't get a 1x Blu-Ray drive? Do you even know what 1x means? 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, all x is just a BS ambiguous specification that they give to optical drives. It's not a standard like MHz or GB, it's whatever each company feels like calling 1x or 4x. It's ultimately for the customer to see that one drive is better then another thus justifies the extra $20, $40 or what have you.

Dirk, are you going to be this active on our Forums when they are up?  

Blogger JLC
I'll pray for both of us, I hope that the drive is at least 2x that would mean something 75 mb/s read speed and that would be good not great but good my wish is for a 4x drive but i doubt we will see that if it launches this spring, Well when the forum is open i will contribute as much as i can i really like this site its always up to date and i always see something new, compared to other sites i give this one 4 stars.......  

Blogger D.Vader
Did you read my post at all?

The 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x specification is an arbitray, ambiguous spec. It has no real meaning. Whatever they provide I am sure it will do the job.

Since the Blu-Ray will use a higher definition laser then it will definitly deliver more data then older Red-Ray drives.

Diggler, you gots to make sure you post on our forums, we about to set them up here in the next few weeks.  

Blogger JLC
no i understand what your saying vader, the numbers i crunched were estimates that i read online i think ign or gamespot one of them, but what i am saying is that if the read speed isnt high the loading times will suck..that could be a problem because here you have a disc with all this information and your not cranking it out a, rate that would make it seem like there is now loading time and sisnce the hardrive isnt standard developer will not support any usage or help from a hardrive. i just hope that the ps3 can crank out some real juice and have as little of a loading time as possible.  

Blogger ImDaFrEaK
ok, here we go... There are gonna be two prices $299 and $399. There will be differences, the $299 will come with wired controler and regular COMPOSITE cables only. NO harddrive, NO HD cables ect. So those with the big mouths get a clue. The $399 however comes with, 1 wireless controller, 20g HDD, HD COMPONENT (not composite) video cables (will not work for regular tv w/o composite hookup.), Headset, remote, and ethernet cable.
The PS3 would make a nice computer, why wouldn't the 360. It runs wirelessly with Windows Media center and USB with Windows XP. Plus alot of other rubbish don't feel like explaining.
The PS3 won't have more titles this time. The most popular and sought after developers for Sony are now developing for 360 also.
60 dollars a game b/c it takes alot longer to make and requires tons more AI and detail. Rembember these next gens don't just show things in the background as animation, there's real ai and worlds being ran. Including things like blades of grass blowing individually ect. So, yes 60 per game is not bad. It was actually expected.
And my BIGGEST COMPLAINT I SAW. WOW, 1x, 2x, 4x, whatever, those DO MATTER for drives. There NOT just numbers to raise price. What an idiot. A 16x drive reads data 16x faster than 1x. = faster load time, faster transition between tracks, files, scenes, ect... ability to read more than needed and store in ram to prevent skip, add progressive scan, which in turn increases picture quality, tonjs of crap. THE NUMBERS MATTER ALOT!!!!! AND NO the PS3 will not have a 1x. It will be much higher than that.
Dirk, don't worry bout Vader, he's obviously not all there.

Now, I am sold for the Xbox 360. PS3 will be nice but not gonna fly. Get a 360 and stop hating if you are anyone, if not your gonna be let down and alot of money gone. PS3 isn't gonna make it this go round. Not only are they weaker in system performance, but their dedicating their quotes to 100% processing, not even for actual game play. Not to mention other factors like multitasking. Another thing.... Read how big the Xbox is, the first xbox and how everyone griped. Then read how big the PS3 will be. Then read how big the 360 will be. Anyways, im on a tangent, sorry.  

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