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Monday, August 08, 2005

Major Third Party Developers Sing the Praises of the PS3

Major Third Party Developers Sing the Praises of the PLAYSTATION 3

"PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) Earns the Respect of the Game Development Community
The Following are supporting comments from select third party developers and publishers. (In alphabetical order of company name).
“With the new generation PlayStation platform, we can create “GUNDAM WORLD” with the quality no one has ever imagined. The philosophy, connecting millions of Cell together, makes reality get closer to the world of SF films. We are delighted to share the vision of Ken, ARCHITECT, Kutaragi.”
-Shin Unozawa, Managing Director, Leader, Game Software Group, President, Video Game Company, BANDAI CO.,LTD.

“The PLAYSTATION 3 has us really excited! So much so in fact that we are already working our hardest to get Devil May Cry 4 out for this new platform. New hardware always yields more options for developers to create exciting and fresh gameplay experiences. I believe that the PS3 is one piece of hardware that will test the mettle of our development team and help us to create some of the most amazing games, limited only by our imagination.”
-Keiji Inafune, Managing Executive Officer, Research & Development Division, Capcom Co., Ltd.

“Each generation of PlayStation has made a dramatic improvement in how we create and play videogames. PLAYSTATION 3 will be a breakthrough in how the world experiences entertainment. EA is fully aligned with Sony Computer Entertainment – we share their vision and applaud their success. ”
-Larry Probst, Chairman and CEO, Electronic Arts

“President Kutaragi has thrown down a gauntlet. That gauntlet is called the PLAYSTATION 3. We here at KOEI have gladly taken up the challenge, and are striving day and night to take full advantage of all the PS3's new possibilities. Our goal is to combine cutting-edge technology with a full range of artistic expression to deliver the ultimate form of entertainment, and please people everywhere.”
-Keiko Erikawa, Chairman & C.E.O., KOEI Co., Ltd.

“With the arrival of the next generation computer entertainment system PLAYSTATION 3, I believe it will be possible for graphic expressions, more beautiful than before, to coexist with more deep and evolved game play which utilize the Cell architecture. I also have high expectations for the evolution by the online features that will be enhanced. We will utilize the features of the new platform and will strive to create contents that will bring new excitement for our users world wide, so please have high hopes for Konami. ”
-Kazumi Kitaue, CEO, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

“Each time SCEI launches a console, the video games business moves to the next level. With PLAYSTATION 3 it looks as if it might be time for interactive entertainment to become, finally, the world's dominant artistic medium. ”
-Sam Houser, President, Rockstar Games (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)

“We at Namco have used and will continue to use the advancements in audio-visual technology to deliver games that are not only appealing to the eyes and ears, but that stir emotions, speak to the heart, and remain in players’ minds for years to come. We are confident that the PLAYSTATION 3 is an entertainment system that will enable us to do just that.”
-Shigeru Yokoyama, CT Company President, Namco Ltd.

“Next-generation hardware platforms will enable SEGA to create new game concepts that offer more immersive interactive experiences. SEGA continues to pursue the fusion of creativity and technology by publishing only the best, more innovative content to gamers around the world.”
-Hisao Oguchi, President and Chief Operating Officer, SEGA Corporation

“Square Enix is extremely honored to have had the chance to provide you with this technical demonstration of what the Cell processor can bring to the PLAYSTATION 3 and the world of gaming. We are committed to fully backing SCEI’s new computer entertainment system and plans to bring the FINAL FANTASY series to the PS3 are just beyond the horizon.”
-Yoichi Wada, President, SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

“Ubisoft was one of the first major international developers to have its teams start focusing on next generation consoles. We are looking forward to developing outstanding games on Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.’s new system. Its powerful features will help take the industry to an even higher level in the very near future.”
-Yves Guillemot, President and CEO, Ubisoft"

Anonymous Anonymous
im getting all the systems reguardless but what they neglect to say is that they were payed to say that and that its very difficult to make games for the system, why dont you post about the 360 we should all be happy that we have choices but. enough is enough im about to huuuurl seeing how peple only blog about sony sony this sony that. i like the blogs but sony isnt gonna be here anytime soon.  

Blogger D.Vader
Have you looked over the site AT ALL? We divy out the news as it comes. If there is a lack of Xbox 360 coverage (which I challange you to prove that), then it is only because of the lack of news out there about it.

Poke around the archives, there is plenty for all systems. The Revolution news is very lacking because Ninny is quiet.  

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