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Thursday, December 01, 2005

A New Studio Founded By Ex-Blizzard

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A New Studio Founded By Ex-Blizzard

"Looks like the long and happy life provided by Blizzard North isn't by far as long or as happy as it would seem to outsiders. This fact has been prouved some years ago by Bill Roper, when he left the studio. Now, other three more musketeers followed his example and left the company. They've decided to go on their own and found a new studio, called Hyboreal Games. Who are they? Well, let's present them in a completely random order: Eric Sexton, Michio Okamura and Steven Woo. As for their previous experience, I'll just mention that, during thier Blizzard years, they have been working hard on the Diablo fracise. Need I say more?

For the moment, Hyboreal Games is fueled only by good intentions and lots of ambition. Their official website hardly gives any imformation. The only thing you can find there is the name of their first project, called Starfall and a game-related artwork, presenting an extremely 'gifted' woman. What kind of game will it be? What's its story be like? We'll sure find out in the future. Until then, keep in mind that these guys come with Diablo experience in their heads. I, for one, consider this a pretty nice clue :D" [link]

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