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Monday, December 12, 2005

UT2007 Will Spin on PlayStation 3

UT2007 Will Spin on PlayStation 3

Free Image Hosting at"Everybody who has gamed in their life and played multiplayer games on LAN parties should know two games: Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament. UT has always been the loved fast-pace game and many versions have followed each other. But it's been a while since a new release has struck us down like a Redeemer on a powertrip.

The next Unreal Tournament release should be in 2007 which is still over a year away. While real gamers will have grown old by that day and stopped caring for the digital box that plays games, infants will find their way and play UT2007.

By that time you'll have the choice whether to play the game on your Personal Computer or on Sony's PlayStation 3.

The move towards the console market is quite strange since UT has solely been available for PC. So moving it to a console might not be appreciated by the die-hard UT-fans. (Remember Counter-Strike on the Xbox 1).

The makers of UT2007 over at Epic told the press they aren't thinking of competing with Halo 1 and 2 on the Xbox.

In a way they are relieved to make the game for the console market since they will be able to offer cutting-edge graphics on a sub 500$ console. While on a PC you'll need to pay over 600$ just on graphics card to play the game at those settings." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
Exactly. I think we're going to see more and more focus on console versions of games that were once PC exclusives.
The new consoles are essentially as strong as a 2K+ PC and they have universal hardware. No worries about driver issues, bugs, etc. for thousands of different systems.
With HD ability, we even see resolutions that match a PC's.

As long as they offer a mouse control option, there's no real reason for me to want to play the PC version over a console version.

I'd rather play a game on my TV (even a small HDTV is bigger than a HUGE monitor) in real-time Dolby 5.1 while relaxing on my couch. Pull up a $10 tray-table for the mouse and you're set.

I love my PC, but it irks me to have to spend so much to upgrade it seemingly every year now. I just bought a 6800 GT last year and I'm already stuck with newer games that chug away at 1024X768.  

Blogger D.Vader
PC game company's definitly have issues with generating software that works well with the established hardware.  

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