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Monday, December 12, 2005

Nintendo Revolution: Rumor Mill Recap 3

Nintendo Revolution: Rumor Mill Recap 3

"A review of the Nintendo Revolution rumors from the past few weeks

This past few weeks have proved to be filled with many rumors regarding the Nintendo Revolution. With the console set to launch sometime in the New Year, almost every piece of information is conjecture at this point, and we at treat each piece of news with a certain level of skepticism.

If you haven’t been able to keep up-to-date, here is a bit of a recap from this past week.

• In a recent article from the new Nintendo page over at IGN, according to Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto, tere is a secret about the pointer but said the feature will remain a mystery until some time next year. Some have speculated that the controller may includes a microphone option, which seems not only possible, but probable given Nintendo's affinity for mic-enhanced software. But we believe there will be more to it than that.

• Single-layered Revolution discs will hold 4.7GBs of data, tops, while the dual-layered variety tops out at 8.5 gigs.

• IGN has learned that the Nintendo Revolution will not have the RAM capacity to store and display an “abundant” source of high-definition textures. Speaking to IGN, third party developers have revealed that the console will top out with only 128MGs of RAM, and possibly even less.

• Following hot on the heels of the other anonymous-developer rumormongering from late last night, a timetable has also been set for the U.S. release of the Revolution: the week of Thanksgiving 2006." [more]

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