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Thursday, December 01, 2005

When Wil Canada See Another Shippment Of XBox 360’s?

When Wil Canada See Another Shippment Of XBox 360’s?

"Canada feeling the effects of the xbox 360 shortage

As the days go by the chances of getting an Xbox 360 in Canada before Christmas seems to become less likely. Even those who pre-ordered may be forced to wait until the New Year before they can get their hands on the new console.

Yesterday, we discovered that most EB Games stores will not even be caught up to pre-orders until the New Year. According to the several stores we contacted, most EB Games stores in Canada are expecting a shipment sometime in December, but it might not even be enough to cover pre-orders.

Even places like Wal-Mart are feeling the effects of the shortage. After speaking with one employee they too are hoping for “One” shipment of Xbox 360’s before Christmas, but are unsure of when, and how many.

“We are just hoping that the shipment comes sometime in December, but we have no idea of when, and how many they are sending us”

Gamers living in the UK can expect a similar situation on Friday. Most stores have already sold out of all their stock because so many people have pre-ordered the new Microsoft console. Chris Lewis of Microsoft has confirmed that the UK will only see approximately 300,000 Xbox 360’s on Launch day." [more]

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