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Monday, December 12, 2005

PS3, Xbox 360, Revolution, Wrapping it up for the Week.

PS3, Xbox 360, Revolution, Wrapping it up for the Week.

Free Image Hosting at"Well, it's a fuse fuzz friday like any other week, with the only difference we're on a one day delay. Some of us do have lives outside of work. (More work).

Anyways, this week was all about consoles, a true game festival you might say. We stopped with some of the birth problems linked to the introduction of Microsoft's Xbox 360. But we also managed to have a closer look at Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Revolution.

The Xbox 360 has issues regarding disk space and usage. The 20GB drive can only be used for 7GB, where did the other space go, read the fiasco here and here. Want to know how to solve it, and gain full control over your hard drive? But make sure while doing it you unplug the Xbox 360, a scratched disk is not what you want on a Saturday morning.

While MS is swallowing all the media attention we couldn't leave Nintendo out of the picture. Nintendo and its Revolution is all about the fun, but we still have to wait quite some time to get there.

Not really into Microsoft or Nintendo? Well we wrap up what we have about Sony's PlayStation 3.

While this has nothing to do with consoles, we are glad to announce our new layout and our 'new way of working', don't worry we'll still inform you when we think something's crap." [link]

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