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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Revolution graphics barely better than GameCube’s

Revolution graphics barely better than GameCube’s

Free Image Hosting at"The January 2006 issue of EGM features some more ammunition in the ongoing console flame war with reports that early Nintendo Revolution graphics are “barely better than those on GameCube.”

From the Rumor Mill [all bolded text is Q’s]: “Visually impaired

The Q hates being the bearer of bad news, but it comes with the territory (at least that’s what the rumormonger handbook says). During a recent powwow with a few well-known gamemakers, some discussed their hands-on time with early Revolution development kits. OK, here it goes: According to those fellas, the graphics that Nintendo’s next-gen system can produce are barely better than those on GameCube. Hey, sounds a lot like Xbox-Xbox 360.”" [more]

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